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Advantages of Ruby on Rails programming

Web development with Ruby on Rails

The CodiTramuntana technical team is an expert on Ruby on Rails programming. This framework provides to web projects that evolve continuously, many facilities for the development of customized features.

Ruby on Rails is a web development framework based on Ruby’s solid language and large ecosystem of libraries, which makes it the ideal candidate for developing web applications of medium and high complexity.

Ruby on Rails, as an integrated web system that it is, already incorporates by default many tools to efficiently scale a web site. For example:

- It allows to separately deploy static and dynamic content.

- Asset Pipeline. The static content is versioned when deploying, this allows browsers and CDNs, like Akamai, to separately cache each site version.

- There is a cache system integrated that can be used at page, action or fragment level when needed. It also allows to configure many cache store backends like Memcached, Redis, etc.

- Rails has Capistrano as the preferred deployment tool. It allows to deploy in many servers at once and follow Continuous Integration policies easily.

- There is an internal ajax library. To get pages to load as fast as possible, we serve static content (html) first and then we can load dynamic content using ajax calls.

In our opinion Ruby on Rails is preferred because:

- Framework based on the MVC and “convention over configuration” patterns. The results are  very well structured applications.

- Integrated ORM. The famous ActiveRecord allows to query the DB extremely easily  without having to write any SQL.

- Integrated testing system. When there is the need to implement complex algorithms the best is to use TDD to have a good coverture over them.

- Very mature library ecosystem for doing nearly anything

How we arrive to Ruby on Rails programming.

CodiTramuntana, continuously inspects the state of the art of development tools and in base of our experience and knowledge of our customer’s needs we select the best options depending on the needs of each project.

The set of languages, libraries and tools in our stack is mostly based in open source standards. This open standards are the most solid because, being open, there are a major number of people supervising the source code, testing, and finding bugs of all types, including security. This does not mean that we don’t use proprietary technologies when it is the best option.

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