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Native Apps

Native Apps

Native apps to create customized apps

We are CodiTramuntana and we create native applications to offer you customized applications.
Native apps are developed in the native language of the terminal itself. Depending on the platform that we want our application, we will develop the code in one language or another one.

For iOS apps we will develop the app in Objective-C and / or Swift language and to get the Android apps we will use the Java language.

With this type of native programming you get an optimized performance, as well as an interface better adapted to the operating system that the user is accustomed. That's why native apps are the favorites of the market as they offer more powerful results in terms of design, usability and efficiency.
Betting in native apps, you will be able to reach in another level getting 100% customized application projects, with all its features, design, fast navigation and usability.

With the native apps we can get all the juice of your app project, using all the potential of devices and hardware that the Apple and Android operating systems like bluetooth, gyroscope, geolocation, push messaging, NFC, camera and many features derived.

The distribution of the apps as we develop in CodiTramuntana we publish them in the official market places of each operating system, on behalf of the client or in our account, taking advantage of all the tools offered by Apple and Android to publish public apps (aimed at Users) as enterprise apps (for internal use as business tools apps).

Usually the apps as we develop for projects and companies in Barcelona, Madrid or Girona have a classic architecture with a server part where the algorithms and database reside, this part is developed in Ruby on Rails and can be integrated with your CRM, ERP or you can create a back-office control panel exclusively managed by the app itself.