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Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

Custom programming Ruby on Rails

CodiTramuntana is a company that bets on the Ruby on Rails framework, also known as RoR or RubyOnRails.

Ruby on Rails is scheduled in Ruby. A dynamic and open source language focused on simplicity and productivity.

The development of modern web applications can be complex and overwhelming. Ruby on Rails simplifies the process of developing a complex application thanks to the use of conventions and imposing a great number of good practices on the programmer. In addition, Ruby on Rails includes everything you need to develop fantastic applications.

Rails marked a before and after in web development since it dazzled the world (in 2004) for its power, simplicity and sensitivity for good practices. Web development was no longer the same. The time to market and efficiency are already requirements of the current web development. Before Rails, it was common for a web development to end up in large amounts of spaghetti code written in Java, Php or .net, incredibly complicated to maintain. Now we can say that Ruby on Rails is a mature framework that has inspired other frameworks like CakePHP, Groovy on Grails, Symphony, CodeIgniter, and many more. At the same time, it is a flexible thing that allows programmers to give solutions to the functions without having to make detours or adaptations.

Ruby on Rails is solid and has a large ecosystem of libraries, making it an ideal candidate to develop web applications of medium complexity and high complexity.

The technical team of CodiTramuntana is an expert in programming Ruby on Rails, we have been working for more than 10 years with RoR and as strengths we highlight the following:

  • RoR is a technologically neutral framework since it is 100% based on web standards
  • It has a large number of Ruby libraries and Rails extensions
  • Promotes best practices in software development
  • Integrates the latest technologies in web development
  • Broad and vibrant community

With Rails projects our recommendation is to do Agile web development. This allows our customers to have incremental deliveries and continuous improvement of the web application.

Our team has specialized in Agile projects programmed with RoR. You can see the rails projects carried out in the section projects where you can get to the idea of the clients and capacity of service that we give to companies of Barcelona, companies of Girona and companies of Madrid.

How do we add value to Ruby on Rails projects?

  • We create projects from start. Enabling an "agile web development with Rails" environment you will be able to define requirements and CodiTramuntana helps in extracting use cases and priorizing.
  • With out software development services we evolve your RoR applications to match your and your market's needs. We help projects evolve with solid clean code and with a faster development rythms.
  • Expert Ruby programmer for existing projects. In this case our team will give service but is managed by your CTO.