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Web maintenance

Web maintenance

When is the best moment to realize the first maintenance?

Years ago the technologies to develop web projects were static enough so that web maintenance of these were infrequent. We would be talking about an investment every 2-3 years, or more according to project.

Nowadays it is different, since the current tools allow a continuous and changing evolution of new web applications, calling them (from the ICT sector) "live projects". That is why its maintenance is carried out during the same year.

These live projects are integrated with databases, CRMs, ERPs, frameworks, plugins and the like that are constantly evolving. For example, it may be the case of the introduction of a new parameter in CRM or ERP, a new calculation method that improves the web application, or a security update. It is important in these cases that the web project receives maintenance and obtain new value immediately.

The web maintenance team behind you will make a difference in the adaptability and evolution of your web application, either in specific aspects or in long-term developments.

In custom-made web projects, such as an educational platform, an extranet or a management tool, there will probably be small usability details or functionality that you want to add: insertion of a new search tool and filters, integration of data from External origin or simply change the distribution of the interface to increase usability. All these possible changes, both small and large, require a professional who will perform such web maintenance tasks.

How to do a web maintenance?

In order to carry out the web maintenance, it is best to have one or more developers who know the project or, if not, have specialists who can analyze and master the data structure, the programming layers and the relationships and integrations with Other applications. In this way, making improvements and new functionalities can be done quickly, and consequently for less cost.

CodiTramuntana provides web maintenance for both, own development projects and projects developed by other agencies. Relevant clients and sites such as FCBarcelona, Festina and VoxPrima (educational platform) have trusted and trusted our technical team to develop and maintain their web projects.

If you want to perform your web maintenance, you can do it through an outsourcing service contract, as our customers have done in Madrid, Barcelona and Girona.