Our customers are the reason we exist. We are proud to have been part of diverse software projects. This makes us learn, be more creative and find a solution faster. We are involved in the industrial, education, retail, entertainment, sports, automotive, manufacturing, food, agriculture and other sectors. We work for SMEs (Smal and Medium size companies), startups and multinationals based in Catalonia, Spain and Europe. We respect the expertise of each client in order to increase the value of the team we always build between our customer and CodiTramuntana.
Sonar company logo, known in the events sector
MTG company logo, known in the mining and construction sector
FCB logo, internationally known in the sports sector
SEAT company logo of the automotive sector
Fluidra company logo of the Pool & Wellnes sector (Olympic pools)
Ribas y Asociados company logo of the advocacy and consultancy services sector
Johnson Controls-Hitachi  Air Conditioning logo
Festina company logo, known for their watches
Liga Endesa logo, the main European basketball league
Panrico Donuts company logo, known in the food sector
Logo of the Omnium, Catalan civic and cultural non-profit organization
Apdcat logo, public sector organization
Logo of the SEPA organization, Spanish foundation of periodontics and dental implants
LabCircuits company logo, dedicated to the industrial electronics sector
Noria Logistica logo, company of the industrial distribution sector
VoxPrima, company of the educational sector
Som Energia logo, green energy consumption cooperative
Barcelona Energia logo
Barcelona City Council logo
Diputació de Girona logo
Girona City Council logo, public sector institution
Sant Cugat del Vallès City Council logo
Sant Boi de Llobregat City Council logo
Sitges City Council logo
Gavà City Council logo
Sant Andreu de la Barca City Council logo
Terrassa City Council logo, public sector institution
Salt City Council logo
Salou City Council logo
Esparreguera City Council logo
Logo of the Xaloc organization of the Girona Deputation
OIDP conference logo, conference on participatory democracy
Universitat de Girona English
ICGC logo, Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya
Consell Comarcal del Baix Empordà logo
Bti logo, innovation services company
InterManagement company logo
Logo of Logitek, company of the industrial sector
Setesca English
Logo of the Canals d'Urgell, organization of the agrarian
Cadaico logo, company of the food sector
OnAir logo, company of the retail sector
Stikets logo, company of the retail sector
Logo of the Canals d'Urgell, company of the  meat sector
OKM logo, solutions company for orthopedics
Koobin logo, company of the digital sector
Alkamel logo, company of the sports sector specializing in timing
Organic Cotton Colors logo, textile company
Inveslar logo, real estate crowdfunding platform
IdeaFoster logo, innovation consultant
Novelec English
Logo of La Pearl, industrial laundry company
InterActius logo, digital consulting company
Todevise logo, fashion e-commerce
Kauchy logo, e-commerce of furniture
TIC Kobex logo, technology solutions company
Toyota Carretillas logo, forklift distributor company
Additio logo, editorial company
Grup Simon Assessors English
Cematec English
Ermasol logo, company of the industrial electronics manufacturing sector
BT logo, company of the services of engineering
Netclearance logo, innovation consulting firm
Valkiria company logo
Gesvinic logo, company of the distribution of wines sector
Nautilus logo, aquatic tourist transport company
Brandway logo, branding company
Food Tubbing logo, company of the food sector
GiroConsultors logo, company of the services sector specialized in advising and management
Matilda Interactiva English
Oyatis logo, company of the hotel sector
Bionofre logo, company of the retail sector specialized in organic food
Sitges Film Festival logo
Cruïlla logo, Barcelona music festival
Int Meetings logo, company of the professional organization of congresses and events sector
Secpho logo, innovation cluster in photonic sciences
ASCAME Association logo
CCB logo, tourist program of the Catalan Tourism Agency
AOPC logo, professional organizer of congresses
Disco Tropics logo, company of the leisure events sector
Dream Fontanilles logo, automotive spare parts company
Eurekakids logo
Villas Costa Brava logo

CODITRAMUNTANA, SL in the framework of the ICEX Next Export Initiation Program, has been supported by ICEX and with the co-financing of the European FEDER fund. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.

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