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Mobile Apps development

Apps efficiently meet the demands of many aspects of a company’s business.

Every year, mobile apps are becoming ever more useful for buying, selling, working, managing, administering, directing, controlling and resolving many more tasks within the area of mobility. And every day, mobility is becoming more valuable for companies.

At CodiTramuntana (Barcelona), we develop native apps, Android, iOS and Windows for different sectors. We know about and study the potential of mobile devices, keeping ourselves up-to-date in mobile technologies and operating systems, and we apply all our accumulated knowledge and experience in the development of our customers’ projects.

The team of mobile computing specialists will successfully complete your project through consultation, functional analysis, programming code for the apps, testing, maintaining and publishing. We'll tailor the project to you, it will be 100% personalised and owned by you.

We have experience and we want to build on our achievements in various sectors where we see that apps add value to the user, the company and/or workers.

  • Entertainment, tourism, sports and events sector. Apps with a large volume of downloads, with large-scale push messaging use and networking sharing features, video display, streaming and radio, among others.
  • Industrial sector (automotive, meat, swimming pools and mining). Where we have developed management apps, apps for sales teams, apps with Augmented Reality functions. Projects with integrated product, customer and user data.
  • Retail sector. Where apps can be transformed into sales, m-commerce and sharing channels.
  • Marketing services sector, where apps are part of the corporate image and communication, with blogs, news, integrated magazines. Apps for specific events that provide a brand experience, enabling communications between users, and between managers with networking tools, surveys, and push messages and direct messages to users.

Through the projects we have carried out, we realise that apps have gone from being entertainment to being highly effective and efficient tools in many business areas. Customers, distributors, employees, directors and managers are working every day with apps, which is why companies and IT directors are putting their resources and ideas into them in order to apply them to their businesses and they know they need to customise projects to meet their needs.

At CodiTramuntana we will develop your custom-made mobile app project for you, it will be 100% personalised and owned by you.

  • We carry out the functional analysis.
  • We create a UX-UI optimised graphic image.
  • We develop the source code with teams of specialised in-house developers.
  • We specialise in native apps.
  • Within the team of IT engineers there are senior developers in Objective C, Swift, Java, Windows Phone, .Net.
  • We tackle with the server side mostly using Ruby on Rails.
  • We manage the test phase and validation trials.

CodiTramuntana has resolutely opted for native apps since they achieve an optimised performance, as well as an interface that is much more suited to the operating system with which the user is accustomed to. This is why they have become market favourites as they offer the most powerful results in terms of design, usability and efficiency. Their distribution through the official market places for each operating system, guaranteeis full visibility and security.

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