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Web layout

Web layout

What is and what areas dominates a web layout?

The web layout is a computer engineer specialized in translating graphic design to HTML5 and CSS3 style language with the aim that web browsers (Chrome, Firefox ...) correctly interpret all elements and show the user the design proposed by the graphic designer.

On the other hand the layout is also in charge of providing functions to each element of interaction that users will have. This part will be developed with JavaScript code and will be in charge of the front-end functions leaving aside the part of server code and interaction with the database which we call back-end logic and webservices that are programmed by specialized computer RoR and / or Php.

Currently, a good web designer should master the adaptive and responsive layout so that a same code of a good result both on computer screens, on tablets screens and all kinds of mobiles. In addition, you must have high user interface (UI) knowledge, user experience (UX) and control in graphical editing programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

On the other hand there are different frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation, Material, Angular, jQuery, Ext JS, React JS, Node JS and others that can help to develop projects more quickly and that the web designer should choose if necessary or discard When appropriate.

Value provided by the specialized web designer

In CodiTramuntana we are a team of developers that we focus on the specialization by areas to give a better result in a team project.

Nowadays, technologies, languages, frameworks and tools evolve in months so for web projects of a certain scope, with technical challenges to solve, you must get to work a professional updated to the maximum that dominates 3 things instead of knowing something of 10.

In this sense the value of the web designer within the development team brings expertise in:

  • Usability and user experience (UX).
  • Optimization of the loading speed of the site.
  • Web programming adapted to different screens. Adapting resolutions, image sizes and other graphic elements.
  • Clean front-end code with good semantics for later maintenance.