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Installation of CRMs

We install, configure and customize CRM applications (Customer Relationship Management). Specifically SugarCRM and SuiteCRM to provide companies with a tool that allows them to improve the management of their client portfolio.

We have opted for open source CRM, which allows us to provide a powerful customized CRM application at a low implementation cost, which favors its rapid amortization.

SugarCRM and SuiteCRM are softwares with high technical performance, their main characteristics are the following:

  • It does not require license agreements, neither by terminals nor by users.
  • The project is constantly progressing in functionalities.
  • Being open source, they have a high capacity for adaptation and integration with other applications.
  • Total access to the CRM database.
  • In case of provider loss, the project can continue with other suppliers who are knowledgeable about PhP.

Both applications are fully customizable and have tools to develop the integrations and data migrations required by each project.

Data migrations make it possible to speed up the start-up of CRM, since company data can be transferred to the new software in a single phase.

The types of data that can be migrated are the following:

  • Data from customers and potential customers.
  • Company data (contact persons, responsibility, emails, telephones, etc.).
  • Competitor data and their locations.

CRM integrations with other programs allow working with two or more tools in parallel (usually tools from different departments) with the aim of centralizing the commercial and customer relationship information in the CRM.

The software is usually integrated with the following databases and applications:

  • Registered users on the website or people who have filled out the form.
  • Clients users.
  • Integration with the ERP software.

The integration and migration of data is a custom service that is made to measure according to the needs of the project, through developments or periodic maintenances.

SuiteCRM is designed for small and medium-sized companies. It allows the number of customers and management, analysis and control tasks to grow.

SugarCRM offers maximum performance, high flexibility in configuration, great potential for the supervision and management of the business (Business Intelligence) as well as having mobile and desktop functionalities, all with licensing systems based on the number of terminals.


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