Installation of CRMs

We install, configure and customise CRM software. Specifically SugarCRM and SuiteCRM to provide you with a high value and efficient tool for managing the relationship with your customers.

We have opted for open source CRM, SuiteCRM, a great CRM tool chosen to provide the most customised CRM for a low implementation and rapid repayment cost.

Sugar CRM and Suite CRM software offer high performance without terminal limits, and do not require recurring payments nor payments for licenses.

They are highly customisable through personalised maintenance and development.

SuiteCRM is designed for small and medium-sized companies. It allows the number of customers and management, analysis and control tasks to grow.

SugarCRM offers maximum performance, high flexibility in configuration, great potential for the supervision and management of the business (Business Intelligence) as well as having mobile and desktop functionalities, all with licensing systems based on the number of terminals.


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