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Capsule 1: What is Decidim?

Decidim (from catalan, “let’s decide”) is a digital platform for participatory democracy which allows for developing any participatory process that exist. Decidim is an open source web environment (framework) driven and developed by multiple institutions and organizations, one of them, CodiTramuntana. Provide many solutions for public administration, education system, associations and business like:

  • Promote a democratic governance with digital infrastructure in response to citizen participatory demand where have ability to manage any participatory process, such as participatory budgeting and citizens’ proposals.
  • Connect digital channels with in-person participatory process through an agenda with geolocation meetings encourage by government to achieve a real participation in politics, such as collaborative legislation.
  • Combines elements from both direct and representative democracy: Citizens have the power to decide on policy proposals and politicians assume the role of policy implementation.
  • Allow impersonating regular users by delegate to promote any participatory via possible. Asking citizens’ whichever proposal or decision with customizable surveys and consultations by suitable and secure electronic voting
  • Publish results of participatory process with the opportunity to do evaluation stage and monitoring results to view the level of implementation of the results and projects.
  • Bind together citizensinitiatives and Decidim for enabling citizens new possibilities to influence public policy.
  • Give tools for self-management to organizations for cooperate and take part by owning online participatory spaces where get documentation and its proposals.
  • Includes a gamification system and communication among participants to attract and keep a growing number of participants interested defining threads, like most participatory person.
  • Advertise and announce activity of the digital platform through social media integrated, by a blog inside the platform or sending a customizable newsletter for all users.

Decidim follows an e-participation system offering solution for open government of any organization or institution.  A collaborative project with continuous improvements and upgrades that allows content to be managed in several languages as it is a multi-language platform.

At all, as CodiTramuntana it is an expert of Decidim, we accept customization and develop your made-to-measure, such as verifiers, without losing continuous upgrades.  

Could you imagine carry out participatory budgeting, asking for what colour should have the school or have the chance to let a virtual organizational spaces to citizens and organizations? Where can prepare an initiative and collect the requisite number of signatures to build a new hospital and finally vote on binding referendum? Now it is possible, because together we make it possible.

This and much more in #Decidim