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Web design

Web design

Web design, the visual part of the project and much more

In CodiTramuntana we call web design the visual part of the project where graphic design is the core and which must fully integrate the brand image that each client must give.

Customized software projects are ideal to be able to give freedom to the graphic designer and give attractive novel results, also counting that they must be practical and usable for the users.
CodiTramuntana has internal designers to make projects completely tailor-made.

The graphic design will depart from the image and logo of the company, expanding it and providing new custom designs to make the website give a modern, current and practical image.

The web design process is based on the following steps:

  • The Meeting with the client, where the client transfers his goals and brand values to the designer.
  • Have information from competitors to follow and competitors to differentiate.
    Elaboration of the design of at least 2 mock-ups of the "core" screens of the project.
    The client choose and validates one of the mockups as a line to follow the web design of the project.
  • All project screens are designed in order of relevancy.
  • The client review and provides improvements, changes and suggestions.
    The final web design is completed with the agreed term and revision inputs.

The result is usually fantastic, especially when client and designer are in tune with a fluid communication. Customers (experts in their industry and their business) must be clear about the concepts they want to show and transfer them to the designers.

On the other hand, designers must provide knowledge about the most attractive design trends, know where "current fashion" is, know the trends of practicality, usability and user experience. In addition they must master the most widespread screen formats, both on desktop and mobile screens, to make the designs adapted to the maximum of screens according to and public.

Those who design web pages are a truly important piece in the overall project. So is the interrelationship between the web designer and web developers.

A collaborative work is perfect, you just need to respect the "expertise" of each party and good project management. Easy to say but difficult to do. In CodiTramuntana we work in agile and in collaboration with agencies of graphic design in addition to having a cohesive team between graphic designers and developers.

Companies from Girona, Barcelona and also international companies based in Madrid have relied on us for web design projects and custom web development. You can see some of the projects in the projects section of the web.