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UX-UI Graphic Design

The Graphic design of a website, an app or any mobile or desktop ICT tools, is a vital part of the project to which we pay maximum attention, from the start of the project, during its development and testing, as well at the end of the project, collecting the feedback of end users.

Every graphic image starts from the image and logo of a brand or a company. This is expanded with new designs so that the website, the desktop programme or mobile app is modern, up-to-date and practical.

We place a high value on the usability of the resulting software. We have graphic designers and layout artists who work side-by-side with software developers.

We will establish a highly usable graphical interface and offer proposals for innovative graphic design so that the user has a great experience when using the app, the website and/or the content manager.

The graphic design will take the user interface into account. The result of the software project must become a dynamic tool, responsive to users, and it is therefore vital to consider the functionalities that we want to give the user so as to offer visitors such functionality in a logical and coherent manner.

The visual design also includes the User Experience (UX), design so that, for all the steps and functionalities that have been specified, the user will have a practical, pleasant and simple experience. We always seek to ensure that actions can be completed with the minimum number of clicks.

The design functions we offer include the graphic design of screens as well as HTML, JavaScript and layout design.

When working on the development of a website, we apply the Mobile First strategy. Today, all design should be intended to be viewed on a mobile device. All the software projects we carry out are based on responsive design (RWD) or adaptive design in order to provide an optimal experience for all devices, preventing any customer from being discouraged from connecting and offering a pleasant navigation experience on all desktops devices and all mobile devices.

Therefore our approach is to develop the layout in an expanding progression, dealing with the small formats first and then the larger ones.

RWD (Responsive Web Design) purpose and philosophy: The development of new functionalities must respond both to those who use the web from a fixed or portable PC (desktop format) as well as mobile users who use touch screen tablets or smartphones (mobile phone format).

In order to provide the technical response to RWD for mobile and tablet, we use Bootstrap in order to facilitate development.

Bootstrap is an open source, front-end framework for the creation of websites, intranets and web applications. It contains HTML and is based on CSS design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions.

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