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 contract custom software development service for your company

The key job of the CTO: How to choose and contract Digital Transformation service provider for your company.

In today's business world, the ability to select and procure the right services is crucial to the success of any company.


Inbox Zero: How to use email as a tool to optimise task management.

Have you ever felt trapped in the chaos of your email inbox? Have you ever left emails unanswered because you got lost in the mountain of messages?

Comexi's flexible packaging printing platform for Industry 4.0.

Case of success: optimisation and migration to React of Comexi Cloud.

Transformation of Comexi's flexible packaging printing platform for Industry 4.0.


Why Hotwire has nothing to envy to React and the rest of JavaScript frameworks.

Hotwire is revolutionising web development with its easy integration and efficient development experience. We tell you how to maximise efficiency in your digital transformation projects.


Understanding Apple's new App Store rules under the DMA.

Since the early days of the iPhone 3G, Apple's App Store has continually evolved. However, it is currently on the threshold of significant change driven by the European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA), with an implementation date set for 6 March.


The formula for optimising software development: Achieve success with IT Outsourcing

Discover the formula for optimising software development and achieving success through IT Outsourcing services: a journey that fuses perseverance, resilience, strategy, adaptability and teamwork.


The art of optimising teams in Digital Transformation: The human side of the code.

On the complexity of a web development team, where time races and lines of code take centre stage, an often underestimated factor plays a crucial role: the human element.


Success case: new Optical App for Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Discover how Coditramuntana solved the challenges of ophthalmological image capture for the Centre de Desenvolupament de Sensors, Instrumentació I Sistemes of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - Barcelona Tech (UPC).

Business security

9 essential pillars your company needs to maintain server and database security.

In an increasingly complex digital world, protecting critical information is a vital mission that needs to be a priority for your business.