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A new tool for exploring networks: Network IP Tools

Network IP Tools

One of our Android developments specialist, Walter Juan Pairo, has created a new mobile application: Network IP Tools. This application has as main functionality detecting IP addresses of any Internet (Wi-Fi) source mobile phones connect to.

Through this application, our programmer has expanded his knowledge in three different branches:

  • In the first place, he has been able to cover his own need of knowing, in a regular basis, the IP address of any Internet source his smartphone connected to.

  • Experiment with new elements such as the new Android top navigation bar, that was applied after the new OS update, 5.0 Lollipop.

  • The application also has its own widget, this way the IP address can be seen quickly and comfortably. The implementation of widgets (now also available for iOS) allows mobile apps to improve their user experience. They are specially interesting when the user regularly uses certain functionalities of the app. Besides, the fact that they permanently appear on the desktop, makes them both a creator of loyalty and brand.

The application can also ping different IP addresses or host names in order to test its reachability. Once the transfer of data is finished, the very app shows the corresponding output, a brief report with the main statistics and results of the exchange.

Network IP Tools update includes a new section: whois, that provides with extra and even more detailed information of an IP address or host name.

Nowadays, the app is only available for Android devices, though developing it for other OS is considered a goal in the near future.

An Android smatphone with Network IP Tools application An Android smatphone with Network IP Tools application