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Conference on mobile app design

Mobile application design

Next Friday, 29th May, Robert R. Costa, CodiTramuntana's iOS developer, will do a training day for SMO workers (Municipal Occupation Service) in Girona about mobile app development and design.

This conference is organized by AENTEG for Girona Town Hall SMO.

Specifically, CodiTramuntana is responsible for conducting this conference because of its expertise in the field of mobile applications development, both Android and iOS.

The content of this conference will revolve around the correct implementation of the official style guides of the two main platforms (Android and iOS), and it will also be useful to encourage people to use/apply best practices when it comes to mobile application design.

Topics such as the correct use of colours and the different elements of an app, the basic application of these style guides, the main mistakes that one must avoid when designing and useful tools that can help us improve, will be discussed during the conference.

The conference will last approximately 4 hours and will combine theoretical formation and case studies that the assistants will have to solve applying all the knowledge learnt during the conference.