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Developing Fluidra Planet App

Fluidra Planet App

CodiTramuntana has developed an application for Fluidra's sales force, intended to improve the presentation of their products and also the whole company through an innovative and very visual tech platform.

The application is considered a catalogue of all the different products and various possibilities Fluidra is currently offering: the main menu is centered around a gallery of projects, products and technical specifications regarding the installation of pools.

In addition, all content is complemented with images and interactive videos that serve as examples of case studies and success cases.

Always keeping in mind the role of business and thinking about improving their negotiations, the application presents a specially designed functionality for them: once a potential client is visited, the sales professional can send him via email specific parts of the application. Thus, the potential customer will receive several links that will direct him to specific sections of the presentation in which he had previously shown interest.

This option implies an analytics section that monitors the number of visits that each link gets from potential customers, and let's you know which sales professional has had more success during their visits.

Right now, the application is used by sales professionals of varied branches such as Brazil, Portugal, China, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Mexico or the United States.

Given the international nature of the company, the application is entirely in English. Depending on the customer's country, content can be filtered in order to display products specially meant for this audience.

At first, the applications has been developed for iOS tablets, although developing it for Windows is also expected in the near future.

This application is not publicly available for download on the App Store as it is an enterprise app (internal enterprise application). Specifically, the installation is done remotely to certain sales devices through a MDM (Mobile Device Management), so that the whole process is done automatically.


Fluidra is an important Catalan multinational with over forty years of history dedicated to the development of solutions related to the sustainable use of water in different branches (industrial, domestic and recreational).

Fluidra is currently present in over 42 countries through its 150 branches and production plants, and has a team composed of around 3600 professionals.

Its extensive sales network enables them to distribute its products to more than 170 countries.

You can know more about Fluidra on its web site: http://www.fluidra.com/