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CodiTramuntana wishes you Merry Christmas and a happy new Year

Summary of 2021 and visions for 2022. Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas friends

Once again, it’s time to sum up how the year has gone.


This 2021 has continued to be a pretty tough year for so many people and enterprises. It’s true that some enterprises have been able to get ahead strongly, thanks in part to the digitalization of many of their processes. This dynamic will continue to be a relevant factor of faces in 2022. This dynamic will continue to be a significant factor of faces in 2022. An element that is sure to facilitate this are the public funds to bring innovation and digitization to Catalan and Spanish enterprises.

Soon, the Next Generation Funds are expected to materialize in specific programs. CodiTramuntana will participate in relevant projects of this nature. In addition, at CodiTramuntana we are authorized to offer services related to Acció coupons (https://bit.ly/3EjusMJ). We are also accredited in the Acelera Pymes Program to offer projects to SMEs that want to start ICT innovation and implementation projects (https://acelerapyme.gob.es/). With all this series of digitization programs, we are confident that 2022 will be a year with more strong growth.

Our line of consulting and web development has allowed us to enjoy one of the best years in the history of the company. We have developed first level projects for state organizations like Girona local government, but we also contributed our teams to consolidate multinational companies in the industrial sector. We have added expert industrial software developers to our web technologies teams. The development outsourcing modality has been one of the most requested services. These services have served both startups and consolidated companies that require a team to promote their internal projects.

For CodiTramuntana this year has been a year of great consolidation of our mobile Apps development line. On one hand, our educational commitment to hybrid developments with Flutter, has been rewarded with outstanding projects. On the other hand, we continue to have a solid position with the development of Apps integrated into electronics devices of all kinds. We can also say that the direct communication systems between companies and their customers are increasingly relevant. For5 this reason, there has been a constant upward trend the request for Apps that can replace WhatsApp in the professional field, developing apps with integrated chat systems.

Our line of development related to Decidim and Participatory Democracy, has been accelerated again. We continue to be one of the most prominent companies in the country in terms of Decidim knowledge. Also we incorporated new customers from Madrid or Balearic Islands, we continue working in two of the most important institutions in the country: Generalitat de Catalunya and Diputació de Barcelona. Next year we will continue to be an active organization in the dissemination of Decidim to all types of organizations.

This strength and good dynamics has been achieved above all, due to the effort and desire to do things well of all the people of CodiTramuntana. These same people are the ones who send you a warm hug and a sincere wish that in 2022, after health and happiness, your projects also come true.

Happy Holidays !!