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Pla Esprint for start-ups

Pla Esprint

Generalitat de Catalunya has launched Pla Esprint, a new acceleration program for all start-up companies that want to expand their markets, mainly internationally. It is a great opportunity for these projects with clear international aspirations.

It will be developed along with Start-Up Catalonia (within Catalunya Emprèn network) and special collaborations such as Everis, PwC, INEO Corporate and Venture Hub.

Pla Esprint will prepare and 'train' Catalan start-ups for international expansion and growth. Besides, it wants to consolidate its growth and reduce to the maximum the time to make them become multinationals. The main goal is to do it using two powerful tools: wide knowledge of foreign markets and good contacts.

All counseling will be done through an 8-month intensive support program so that each year, twenty new companies will internationalize and increase their invoicing.

During this 8-months period, each chosen start-up will have its own tutor that will follow closely their path and will track them. Besides, an experts counsel will assist them in varied fields. Each company will also have meetings and working sessions in order to help them build international contacts, benefiting from all 34 Business Promotion Centers that ACCIÓ has around the world.

Pla Esprint logo with a plane like a background

Our experience

At CodiTramuntana we are aware of the success and usefulness of these kind of public policies. In 2013, we took part, along with other twenty other companies, in the first Acceleradora Start-Up of Catalonia.

For us it was a great and rewarding experience. All support given by all the professionals that helped us (with financial issues, internationalization, commercial strategy and other fields), made us define the direction of the company in situations that we considered a challenge or filled us with certain doubts.

All those networking opportunities with other companies just for the mere fact of being part of this plan cannot be forgotten either.

Applications for Pla Esprint ends next Monday, December 29th. The first edition of this plan will start next February. You can check all the information you need to know, participation conditions, application form and further details regarding Pla Esprint on its official website: www.accio.gencat.cat/esprint