Ruby gem for PUSH notifications, Android and iOS

New Ruby gem for PUSH notifications

We are really glad to announce that we just published a brand new gem for smartphones PUSH notifications, both Android and iOS. This new gem is called Pntfr (the Push Notifier).

We have published it at Rubygems (, so it is Free Software and anyone can make use of it.

Screenshot of the receive of the push messages on the Android system

The new gem: Pntfr

This gem is an Adapter that unifies in a single api both APNS (Apple Push Notification Service) and GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) gems. There is no need then to make a different call depending on the device we want to send a particular PUSH notification.

Pntfr is able to detect if it is being executed on a Rail test environment, making it easier for the TDD. Also, regardless of the kind of development we are in (Rails or not), in order to make testing easier, this gem stores all notifications in a queue where tests can check and validate the content of all the message they will later send.

You will see that the whole project can be found at github. All the necessary information and documentation is in the README file.

Enjoy it!

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