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Sesame: technology for people

Sesame: touch is overrated

We can say without a doubt that, nowadays, the use of smartphones has become an essential part of our lives: we use them to speak/talk with our family and friends, we share photos and videos, check the latest news... but why? Because it is extremely easy (you only need a finger!). It is also a reality that not everybody can have access to these kind of devices.

Sesame has wanted to approach technology to all these people that do not have it as easy as the rest.

All the people that cannot use a smartphone with their hands, now have a functional alternative: a mobile phone that, regardless the reduced mobility of its users, allows them to manipulate it without problems.

Sesame's system makes the device camera tracks the head movements of every user. Their algorithm transfers these movements to the smartphone allowing a full usability of the whole device.

These types of smartphones are meant to be used by patients of spinal cord injuries (SCI), multiple sclerosis (MS) or cerebral palsy (CP), muscular dystrophy and even arthritis, among other illnesses. It is a progress that highly improves living conditions of hundreds of people that are not capable of doing the most common gestures. Without a doubt, it will give them more freedom to discover all the different functionalities that a smartphone can provide: surfing the Internet, chating or trivial things such as playing a game.

This interesting project has won the Powerfull Answers Awards, organized by Verizon and Indiegogo. This has made them get enough funds to keep their project growing.

Besides, they have created a section on their website where anyone can nominate any person or organization that they believe need this kind of device.

If you want to know more about Sesame's developments, we recommend you to visit their official website: http://sesame-enable.com/

Infographics about how Sesame technology works Infographic about the functional value contributed by Sesame Infographic about the functional value contributed by Sesame