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Why Hotwire has nothing to envy to React and the rest of JavaScript frameworks.

In the world of web development, the constant search for efficiency and ease of use has led to the creation of various tools and frameworks.

One of the most recent to join the scene is Hotwire, which offers an alternative approach to building web applications, challenging the conventions established by traditional JavaScript frameworks such as React.

In this article, we explore why Hotwire is gaining traction and how it can be an equally viable alternative for developers and an option for CTOs in the digital transformation sector.


What is Hotwire and how does it compare to React.


Hotwire, according to its official website, proposes an innovative method for developing web applications without the need to dive completely into JavaScript.

Rather than relying exclusively on JSONs as many current frameworks do, Hotwire takes a different approach by sending HTML "over the wire", resulting in an experience similar to a Single Page Application (SPA) but without the complexity associated with conventional frameworks.

Furthermore, its structure is based on three main elements, Turbo being the central tool. Turbo facilitates form submission, component creation and partial web page rendering via WebSockets or other means, without the need to write a single line of JavaScript.


In contrast, React is one of the most popular and widely used JavaScript frameworks today. While it offers great flexibility and solid performance, it requires a higher level of familiarity with JavaScript and a steeper learning curve.

If you're looking to add more advanced features to your website, such as drag-and-drop functionality, or have forms animate as users type into them, then Stimulus is the tool for you. This innovative framework, which resembles a JavaScript framework, powers your existing code without the need to write additional HTML.

Why go to the trouble of maintaining and expanding two separate applications (an API and an SPA) when you can have one comprehensive, an all-encompassing solution?


Why consider Hotwire.


  • Seamless integration into monolithic applications: Hotwire integrates seamlessly into monolithic applications such as Rails, eliminating the need to invest resources in developing additional tools or configuring best practices. This contrasts with the need to solve development environment and architecture issues when using conventional JavaScript frameworks.


  • Simple paradigm and less complexity: Hotwire simplifies aspects such as routing, SEO, state management and component structure, which significantly reduces development complexity compared to traditional JavaScript frameworks. 


  • Comfortable and productive development experience: Hotwire provides a comfortable development experience that requires less context, resulting in less infrastructure code and more focus on functionality. By simplifying complexity, costs are reduced and productivity is increased, which in turn improves the business value of the final product.


  • Low learning curve and versatility: Hotwire has a low learning curve and can be used with any type of application. In addition, if a higher level of complexity is required, Hotwire can be easily integrated with other frameworks such as React or Vue. This flexibility allows development teams to make consistent technology decisions and adapt to the specific needs of each project.




In short, Hotwire emerges as a promising alternative to traditional JavaScript frameworks such as React. 

Its innovative approach, simplicity and versatility make it an attractive option for developers and CTOs looking to maximize efficiency and productivity in their digital transformation projects.

By offering a more convenient and less complex development experience, Hotwire is positioned as a valuable tool for those who wish to simplify the development process without compromising the quality of the final product. In a world where speed and adaptability are essential, Hotwire offers a solution worth considering.


Go over the wire!!!! ⚡


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