Outsourcing Developments

We have extensive and specific knowledge and skills to cover a wide range of developments in terms of offshore outsourcing.

We are a wholly reliable partner in the development of customised software, in mobile applications, websites and complete projects.

The in-house team has capacity to work with external teams, with multi-work spaces and team management software tools.

Having worked in various sectors such as industrial, retail, food, tourism, entertainment and other sectors attests to our ability to adapt to any software team.

CodiTramuntana adapts to the way the client works.

We know about and apply agile work methodologies, specifically SCRUM, in open or semi-open budget projects. This allows our customers to define project priorities at all times at the same time as showing preliminary results in order to monitor the project. With this work system, the evolution of the project can be seen throughout its course and execution priorities can be directed.

We are completely open to a flexible dialogue between technicians, and in the same way follow the directions of a project coordinator.

We are constantly training our development team and we expand our knowledge year after year.

  • The IT engineers specialise in specific framework and database areas and in this way CodiTramuntana extends its wide-ranging knowledge and software technologies.
  • Accordingly, our customers have a team with up-to-date knowledge of software, software architecture, databases and data communication at their disposal.
  • And specifically we offer outsourcing services in Ruby on Rails, PHP, JavaScript, JSON, CSS3, HTML5, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, Informix and PostgreSQL development.
Outsourcing of IT

Outsourcing of IT

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Agile work methodologies. Scrum

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CODITRAMUNTANA, SL in the framework of the ICEX Next Export Initiation Program, has been supported by ICEX and with the co-financing of the European FEDER fund. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.

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