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Online Assemblies

Online Assemblies

Online assemblies and meetings with Decidim

Decidim is a digital platform for citizen participation which facilitates cooperation between citizenship, interaction with administration and the coordination of communities.

Among all the possibilities of Decidim are to organise meetings or assemblies, both in person and online.

Firstly, Decidim has a participatory space for Assemblies, Councils, participatory bodies, Commissions or working groups. This allows the transfer of a whole organizational structure to Decidim, where each organ will have its own space to develop the functions it requires.

Each of these spaces is defined as a series of elements not found in participatory processes, such as objectives, composition, members, and others. Likewise, it can also be defined whether it is a type of private space or not (i.e., whether any person or only a group of people can participate) or whether it is transparent or not (i.e., whether its content can be visible to everyone or not). In addition, as a participatory space, all available components of the decision can be added and configured to give different participation options and to share all necessary information and documentation.

On the other hand, we decide on the component MEETINGS. It allows for the coordination and organization of meetings of any nature, both presentially and online. You can share the address, which will be displayed on an interactive map, or the access link if the meeting is online. There is also a system for managing and maintaining a register of the enrolled people, the agenda, the final minutes of the meeting, and even a summary of the development of the meeting and who has attended it. 

Finally, although we do not currently have a system for videoconferencing, it does allow you to insert the live video from the conference, assembly or meeting to be followed from the decision page itself; at the same time, you can insert the video later.

#Decidim offer you this and much more!