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Process management

Process management

Tailor-made developments for process management

As good custom software developers, we provide all types of companies with software that allows them to optimize production processes, operations, quality, .... In this sense, our ability to develop custom software allows us to offer solutions of different kind to our customers. In this sense, we have developed everything from time allocation systems for service companies to software for managing the quality of a laboratory. In between, dashboards for journalists following the endurance world championship to platforms to provide them with SaaS in different sectors such as legal, e-learning.

Nomada HR

In addition, we are distributors of a comprehensive solution for SMEs that require efficient human resource management.

The first Human Resource Management Software created and designed by HR professionals.

  • Unified and accessible information at all times
  • Process automation
  • You will eliminate unnecessary work; you will save time
  • Includes "best practices"
  • Minimal investment and easy implementation
  • Constant training and technical support
  • Endorsed by University professors
  • Focused on meeting the needs of SMEs
  • Permanent updates and continuous evolution
  • Integration with other softwares
  • Ready for telecommuting

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