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Transparency and accountability

Transparency and accountability

One of the main advantages of Decidim. both for public administrations and for organizations, cooperatives or civil society associations, is that it is a platform which basic principle is transparency in all its actions and processes. 

This allows users and citizens to monitor and control all the activity carried out on the platform, which represents an improvement in the democratic commitment. 

This transparency can be manifested in different ways.

Evaluation component

Decidim has many features and components that bring great potential to the platform, one of these is the Evaluation Component, which allows to show the evolution of the implementation process of a project. There are no limits for the type of project or work, it can be any. The key to this is precisely that it visualizes the degree of fulfillment of the project and descriptive notes can be added about it.

Content cannot be deleted

All content added to Decidim cannot be deleted. A very clear example is the Proposals that can be submitted by users or citizens, which cannot be deleted or modified in any way except by the author of the proposal. This provides great security to users and guarantees transparency in the processes. The same applies to the comments that can be published, debates, etc.

Traceability in all processes

In any participatory process, the phases of the process are always visible and the traceability of the process is guaranteed.