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Custom developments for Stikets

What is Stikets?

Stikets is a young and online company that sells, internationally, its unique and original products thorough its e-commerce. Some of its most relevant products include labels, identification bracelets and wall decals specially designed for kids.

Located in Igualada (Barcelona), Stikets keeps working since 2010 and is currently expanding its brand to more than 50,000 customers among Spain, France and Italy.

Sikets logo

The value of custom developments

Stikets is a company that has opted for custom developments (when it comes to their website), and that allows them to optimize and automate all their production processes. This way they minimize any risk of bottleneck that could originate inside a company with a great volume of monthly orders.

In order to perform this task, they have relied on us and on our experience in custom development.


The most significant developments that have been carried out for Stikets project were:

  • the constant process of optimization when it comes to improve the website usability

  • the improvement during the buying process in order to make it as simple and intuitive as possible for users

  • that the whole Stikets project has always had an international flair so the website has specific domains for each country they are attacking (for example, stikets.it, stikets.fr, stikets.com and stikets.es), adapting the program so it shows different content depending on the country

  • the recommendations on the evolution of the architecture of the platform

  • the layout of the new web design and its responsive adaptation (RWD)

Having a team of professional developers on the front line that allows them to cover all require attention, ensures a quick response to any improvement required by the project.


This distinctive fact so allows them to mark distances with other companies of the same sector and settle in their competitive advantage regarding other competitors.


You can visit Stikets' homepage and discover all of their products on the following link: http://www.stikets.com/