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Developing leadership through education: Key to success.

Discover how leadership can impact academic training. Ken Robinson inspires us to be effective leaders in education.

At any time, it is valuable to hear and read again the inspiring words of a leader like Ken Robinson. Today, as schools open their doors for a new academic year, it is the perfect time to reflect on the role of leaders in education.


The power of a leader in education.

As parents, we all expect the people who guide our children through their formative academic years to be effective leaders. We want them to be able to recognize each student's unique potential, bring out the best in them and foster their creativity. In short, we are looking for good educational leaders.


The road to educational leadership.

But how does one become a good leader through education?

Some seek to improve their skills, first through education and then through training, certifications and graduate programs. 

However, beyond educational training, the real step toward effective leadership begins with self-assessment and authenticity. 

As Ken Robinson points out in his book, The Element: "The Element is where the things you love to do and the things you're good at come together. The Element is the meeting point between natural aptitudes and personal inclinations. The Element is what strengthens your sense of identity and enhances your well-being".


The importance of knowing yourself.

Not everyone is destined to be a leader in the future, just as not everyone can be a successful singer, a renowned writer or an elite athlete. Therefore, before becoming a leader, it is crucial to perform a deep self-analysis, know yourself and accept your weaknesses as well as your strengths. 

A good leader embraces his virtues and uses them for the benefit of the team, while learning from his weaknesses. Transparency becomes his trademark, allowing him to act with total candor towards his collaborators.

Team leadership can significantly influence educational success. However, the first step is to decide and accept whether we have the vocation to lead. We must discover if the leadership is in our element, if it is our career path.



In summary, effective leadership in education begins with self-assessment and authenticity. Being a leader is not for everyone, but those who are destined to lead can make a significant difference in shaping future generations.

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