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Verification in Decidim

What is the verification?

The verification is a system for validating and guaranteeing the identity of the user. This is essential in order to ensure the reliability of the decisions taken by citizens through the platform. 

Decidim has a number of verification systems available. Beyond these, customized systems can also be designed based on customer requirements.

By default, Decidim has three available verification systems:

Identity Document
It consists of validating the identity of a participant through sharing its DNI or identification documentation. 

The user, when requesting this verification method, must fill in a form with their data. He will then load a photograph of his DNI or Carnet that will confirm the data.

The or technique will be the person responsible for checking that the information given by the participant and the information shown in the photograph are matching. Once validated, the user becomes a verified participant. 

If the information cannot be clearly viewed or it cannot be verified, the verification request is rejected. The user can fix the error. 

Note that the uploaded image must be in .jpeg or .png format. 

Code per post card
With this system, the user requests a verification code via postal mail. 

By requesting this method, the participant provides a postal address and a code is automatically generated that the technicians will have to send to the requesting person by post. They will then have to indicate that the submission has been made by marking “Submit” on the admin panel of the decision. 

When the user receives the letter, they can enter the code and it will have been verified. 

Organization Census
If an organization or entity chooses this method, it will have to load a file in .csv format before the user wants to check. Once this step is taken, participants will be able to click on this option on the "Authorizations" screen in "My Account" and their identity will be automatically verified if they are in the file loaded by the organization. 

This method allows you to integrate, too, verification against padron. In this case, the City Council must provide the location of the CSV file of the census, where the platform will automatically access and validate citizens of the census.

verification methods

Custom verification methods

The flexibility of the platform Decidim also allows for the implementation of custom user identity verification systems and responding to the specific needs of the customer. These custom methods usually require higher development than the simple system. Some custom systems may be as follows:

Email verification 
 The user enters their email to confirm their identity. 

It is a simple and rapid form of verification, although it is not the method that offers the most identity guarantees. 

SMS verification
The participant provides a telephone number and receives SMS code to validate their identity. 

As in the previous case, this is a simple, fast-track method, but perhaps not the most guarantor. 

You can look here at various user verification systems that we have developed.