What is Decidim?

What is Decidim?

What is the citizen participation platform Decidim and who uses it?

Decidim is a web platform for participation and organization that aims to be used for democratic decision-making on the basis of multiple online instruments.

Decidim helps citizens, organisations and public institutions to organise themselves democratically at all levels, and promotes participation, transparency and social empowerment.

It has a modular structure that allows all kinds of processes to be performed and can carry out cooperative projects. It uses a whole series of interactive and participatory funcionalities that can be adapted to the needs of each process and entity. Decidim is an extremly flexible platform. 

Decidim stands out above other platforms, as it has extras that differentiate it and make it a safe bet for online citizen participation. We would mainly highlight three aspects:

  • The structure of Decidim has different participation spaces within which multiple activities can be performed, resulting in a high degree of flexibility and adaptability.
  • Modular architecture allows decentralizing development of Decidim, working in parallel, and at the same time increasing modules and functions with a very well-structured technical basis. In addition, the Metadecidim community grows the project and complies with a firm social contract.
  • The components of the Decidim are the concrete mechanisms that allow usuary participation and interaction. The Proposals and Meetings components are two of the most complete components, permiting users to submit proposals, attend meetings and discuss projects.

Decidim was born as a platform to share power and influence decisions in a democratic, transparent and innovative way. It listents and prioritizes citizenship.

Who uses the platform?

To this day (2021) many municipalities and public administrations use the platform Decidim around the world to deepen citizen participation and ensure the values of direct democracy in their cities and towns.

In addition, many organisations have seen the potential of Decidim to conduct processes of internal democracy and to look for new forms of collaborative work that are committed to transparency.

For example, Decidim is used by:

- Ajuntament de Barcelona

- Generalitat de Catalunya

- Diputació de Girona

- Ajuntament de Sant Cugat del Vallès

- Barcelona Energia

- Observatori Internacional de la Democràcia Participativa

- Suara Cooperativa

- Espai Torre Jussana

See here many more Decidim platforms! 

Who uses Decidim
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