What is Decidim?

What is Decidim?

What is the citizen participation platform Decidim and who uses it?

Decidim is a platform of open-source participatory democracy for cities and organizations that encourages citizen participation.

Decidim helps citizens, organizations and public and private institutions to democratically organize themselves at all levels.

Decidim is a web platform created so that organizations of all kinds can use it to make democratic decisions from online tools. These tools come from the long list of functionalities already created and the modules developed that allow carrying out different models of participatory processes, transparency and collaborative projects.

Decidim is easily adaptable to different participatory dynamics, has options for grouping users into groups, the possibility of uploading documents and other functions that make it truly adaptable and provides a simple and usable result for the users and managers of the platform.

Decidim comes out over other platforms, has some "plus" differentiators that make it a safe bet for citizen participation. We highlight two aspects:

  1. At the development level, the modular architecture allows to decentralize its development, work in parallel and increase modules and functions with a solid technical base and very well structured. In addition, the community and offline work of Metadecidim makes the project grow with a good base and with a firm social contract.
  2. At the level of user functions one of the innovations and differential functions respect to other platforms are the so-called "Meetings". The platform has functions to integrate face-to-face offline meetings with minutes, documents, and metadata of these off-line meetings to add them to the online community. This is ideal to introduce the platform to organizations, public or private, that already have their off-line dynamics and want to introduce the web platform in a gradual way.

Thanks to all these features, Decidim emerges as a platform and system of real and advanced empowerment. Real because it is thought from its roots to give a word to the user and provide maximum transparency. At the same time it is advanced because its functionalities are innovative.

Who uses the platform?

To this day (beginning 2018) some of the municipalities that have the platform Decidim to make direct democracy in their cities correspond to prominent cities:

-       City Council of Barcelona

-       City Council of Hospitalet de Llobregat

-       City Council of Terrassa

-       City Council of Badalona

-       City Council of Sabadell

-       City Council of Mataró

Tomorrow, 2018 and 2019 it is expected that Decidim will be implanted in non-profit organizations involved in social, environmental and energy issues, among others. And also in private organizations that want to involve their workers in decision-making, and invest on transparency.

Coditramuntana SL has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund, whose objective is to improve technological development, innovation and quality research and thanks to which it has been able to develop and implement a business marketing plan. This action has taken place during 2018 and 2019.

To make this possible, it has had the support of the InnoCámaras program of the Girona Chamber of Commerce. European Regional Development Fund. A way to make Europe.

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