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Innovation on Taller Autoronda management


CodiTramuntana has developed three custom products for Taller Autoronda, all of them related to the management and administration of their garage.

Firstly, we developed an accounting and also a billing program, closely related as an ERP. Recently, we have developed an application to electronically sign working orders using a tablet.

Garage tablet app - Electronic Signature

The electronic signature is the last tool that we have developed for them, and it provides the most innovative part of the management of the garage.


This signature process is intended to be carried out through a tablet so the whole process of signing papers for the customer is much easier.

When a vehicle needs to be repaired, the owner signs certain documents indicating their agreement that the car is the responsibility of the garage so they can proceed with the repair. It is at this time that the tablet comes to use, optimizing the whole process of signing documents, preventing the owner to queue during this whole process.

With a single pen, or even with their own finger, the owner can electronically sign his consent in an easy and comfortable way. The program allows them to print a copy of the signed document so the customer can physically take it.

Moreover, through the tablet, there is also available a section related to the allocation of hours related to working orders and vehicle repairs.

In this case, each worker registered in the system can allocate his hours spent on each assignment. An easy way for the garage to keep track of all the hours spent on each repair by each worker.

Accounting and Billing

The first programs that were developed for Taller Autoronda were adapted to the accounting and billing need of the garage at the time.

From the automatic generation of invoices based on performed tasks, to the creation of settlements and balances through the opening and closing of the accounting year, are some of the features that this accounting and billing program let you do.

In addition, this ERP for garages can also be used as a database of customers, repaired cars, invoices related to these repairs, a history of tasks performed, etc.

These developments are a sign that CodiTramuntana's software is adaptable to both large companies and small businesses.