Persons in a virtual reality simulator on the MWC2016

CodiTramuntana’s review on MWC16

We review and highlight the main developments and trends presented during MWC16 and CodiTramuntana’s performance in this edition of the congress.

Overview of the Huawei and Samsung stand on the MWC2016

What will we focus on this year's edition of Mobile World Congress

This year CodiTramuntana will focus its strategy for Mobile World Congress 2016 on three main aspects: event apps, apps for sales and IoT software.

Texto “The best Windows ever” proyectado en una pantalla

Microsoft Universal Jump!

Microsoft introduces Windows 10 for all its devices: Windows Universal. An integrated and complete user experience through all your Windows devices.

Swits logo and her mottos

The need to switch to Swift, Apple’s new programming language

Introducing Swift, Apple’s new programming language since last 2014. Here CodiTramuntana comments on its creation and main characteristics.

CodiTramuntana logo and indication of the stand in the MWC2016 of Barlceona

CodiTramuntana will exhibit again at Mobile World Congress

CodiTramuntana will exhibit one more year at Mobile World Congress Barcelona. In this new edition of MWC16, we will be presenting our event app Suitevent.

Dots and stripes simulating the Big Data data network

CodiTramuntana’s impressions on Big Data Congress Barcelona 2015

CodiTramuntana attended the Big Data Congress 2015 held in Barcelona the 3rd and 4th of November. Here we highlight our main impressions on the different conferences.

Laptop with image of the Sportravelling travel agency portal

CodiTramuntana has developed and created Sportravelling

CodiTramuntana published in the summer of 2013 the online booking website Sportravelling where customers can book tourist and sport related activities in Girona.

60 people visiting the session of the Afterwork Costa Brava Girona of 2015

CodiTramuntana will be part of Afterwork Costa Brava Girona

CodiTramuntana will be part of Afterwork Costa Brava Girona organized by Costa Brava Girona Convention Bureau and meeting point of MICE professionals.

Mobile with the logo of the Sitges International Film Festival, wallpaper with the cinema full of attendees

CodiTramuntana develops the official apps of Sitges Film Festival

CodiTramuntana, a Spanish developing company located in Girona, has developed the official mobile applications of Sitges Film Festival.

Coditramuntana SL has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund, whose objective is to improve technological development, innovation and quality research and thanks to which it has been able to develop and implement a business marketing plan. This action has taken place during 2018 and 2019.

To make this possible, it has had the support of the InnoCámaras program of the Girona Chamber of Commerce. European Regional Development Fund. A way to make Europe.

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