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Bots or chat bots

We talk about bots and chat bots

What is a chat bot? What is a bot used for? What utilities does a chat bot have? Which chatbots are successful? | We talk about chat bots in the post. Click here.

CodiTramuntana wishes you Merry Christmas

CodiTramuntana wishes you Merry Christmas

CodiTramuntana wishes you Merry Christmas. Summary of 2017 and visions for 2018 about web and app software. Happy New Year!

Hands of developer and Ruby on Rails transparent code

Advantages of Ruby on Rails programming

The advantages of Ruby on Rails programming, from the point of view of senior Ruby on Rails developers.

Logos of the Apple iOS 11 and NFC systems

Apple opens access to the NFC chip in iPhone

Apple opens access to the NFC chip in iPhone. Starting from iOS version 11, the chip will be more used.

Building and entrance of the event MWC2017 of Barcelona

Let's review the presence of CodiTramuntana in the MWC17

As we have said in 2016, The Mobile World Congress is exceeded year by year. They have closed this edition with more than 108.000 visitors and over than 2300 exhibitor companies.

Persons in a virtual reality simulator on the MWC2016

CodiTramuntana’s review on MWC16

We review and highlight the main developments and trends presented during MWC16 and CodiTramuntana’s performance in this edition of the congress.

Overview of the Huawei and Samsung stand on the MWC2016

What will we focus on this year's edition of Mobile World Congress

This year CodiTramuntana will focus its strategy for Mobile World Congress 2016 on three main aspects: event apps, apps for sales and IoT software.

Texto “The best Windows ever” proyectado en una pantalla

Microsoft Universal Jump!

Microsoft introduces Windows 10 for all its devices: Windows Universal. An integrated and complete user experience through all your Windows devices.

Swits logo and her mottos

The need to switch to Swift, Apple’s new programming language

Introducing Swift, Apple’s new programming language since last 2014. Here CodiTramuntana comments on its creation and main characteristics.